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COASTAL WILDLIFE CLUB, Inc. (CWC) is an entirely volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to increasing public awareness about coastal areas and particularly the wildlife species which depend upon beach and dune habitats in southwest Florida.

Our primary and most visible project is monitoring beaches for sea turtle activity throughout the nesting and hatching season. CWC has served as the organizing and fund raising organization for the Manasota Key Turtle Patrol since 1997. Zoe Bass, Wilma Katz and Carol Leonard administer all of our activities as the Board of Directors.
CWC sea turtle patrol volunteers monitor beaches daily in sections of Charlotte and Sarasota counties – on Manasota Key, where sea turtles nest in greater numbers than anywhere else on the Gulf coast, and on a small section of Knight Island. Our sea turtle patrol is managed and supervised by long time permit holders Zoe Bass and Wilma Katz.

Year round, as part of the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) Sea Turtle Stranding and Salvage Network (STSSN), CWC volunteers also respond to reports of dead or injured sea turtles.

Among our other projects, CWC members participate in local festivals and provide programs for school classes and community groups. Our outreach programs are managed by Carol Leonard.
Our webmaster is Andrea Shlasko and our web data is managed by Mike Shlasko.

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